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One for all, and all for Blues

We love bringing great music to everyone.
The Garvin Gate Blues Festival, in conjunction with the Kentuckiana Blues Society will present the 4th annual Blues In The Schools Program on Saturday, October 12. This year’s Blues musician presenters will be Mark “Big Poppa” Stampley and Gino Simpson.

The program this year continues to build on past successes that we have learned from a variety of feedback from both teachers and students. First, we always try to convey a message that music is not difficult to learn and can be understood at any age or by anyone. We will relate Blues music and the influences it had on other music genres such as Rock & Roll, Punk Rock, Rap, and Hip Hop. We will illustrate the importance of the Harmonica and Guitar to blues music and expose the students to these instruments specifically through a live music presentation. And, the performers will interact with the students in writing a simple blues song and teaching a group of students and teachers how to play a harmonica they will be given.


11:30-12:20 Harmonica & Slide Guitar Lessons - Hosted by Matthew Floyd

12:30-1:30 Jacob McDaniel - 2019 KBS IBC Youth Representative

1:30 End of Blues for Youth Day


GGBF Gives Back

The Garvin Gate Blues Festival has long been about giving back. From its beginnings, the objective was to keep the festival free and provide the community with an event that not only showcases the best in blues music but also gives something back.  Run and supported by volunteers, we are proud to showcase our Victorian neighborhood, one of the most diverse in Metro Louisville.

With the support of the Garvin Gate Neighborhood Association, the Garvin Gate Blues Festival benefits the Old Louisville community and Metro Louisville and the quality of life in our city. Proceeds from the festival help to preserve and improve our Old Louisville neighborhood. 

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Contact us today to find out more about GGBF sponsorship or reach out to Howard Rosenberg, Festival Chair at (502) 445-4193

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